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GA Review[edit]

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Reviewer: Jezhotwells (talk · contribs) 22:49, 3 November 2011 (UTC) I shall be reviewing this article against the Good Article criteria, following its nomination for Good Article status.

Disambiguations: none found.

Linkrot: none found. Jezhotwells (talk) 22:51, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

Checking against GA criteria[edit]

GA review (see here for what the criteria are, and here for what they are not)
  1. It is reasonably well written.
    a (prose): b (MoS for lead, layout, word choice, fiction, and lists):
    ''One of these films was Eros Djarot's 1988 film Tjoet Nja' Dhien, in which Hakim was cast as Cut Nyak Dhien, an Acehnese guerilla leader, which won the 1989 Cannes Film Festival award for Best International Film, being screened in Le Semaine de Critique. would be better split into smaller sentences as the subject becomes confused.
    Hakim later described the role as a "huge honour" and "very challenging"; she also credits the role for answering her questions on her identity. confusion of tense.
    In producing the film, she chose young director Garin Nugroho for his talent and took the leading role. ungrammatical.
    ''Aside from acting, Hakim is also a documentary filmmaker. . ungrammatical
    She has also begun producing a documentary on the Dayak people of Kalimantan When, be specific.
    The prose could do with a copy-edit throughout to improve the flow.
  1. It is factually accurate and verifiable.
    a (references): b (citations to reliable sources): c (OR):
    Sources appear WP:RS.
    The bibliography should be reserved for books, The news sources would be better served by using the {{cite news}} template.
  1. It is broad in its coverage.
    a (major aspects): b (focused):
    reasonable coverage
  2. It follows the neutral point of view policy.
    Fair representation without bias:
  3. It is stable.
    No edit wars, etc.:
  4. It is illustrated by images, where possible and appropriate.
    a (images are tagged and non-free images have fair use rationales): b (appropriate use with suitable captions):
    Two images used, but the Julia Roberts image at an awards ceremony does not add any thing to the article.
  1. Overall:
    On hold for seven days for above issues to be addressed. Jezhotwells (talk) 23:28, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
    OK, I think it passes muser now, happy to list as a good article. Congratulations! Jezhotwells (talk) 02:10, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
  • Thank you very much for the review. I will start working on the issues you have spotted. Crisco 1492 (talk) 23:30, 3 November 2011 (UTC)