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I'm not sure who made the edits to the top paragraph... But I reverted them. They were terrible. Radical Dreams is a sort of sequel to Chrono Trigger. That, among other things... Had to be fixed. --Htmlism 05:03, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)


I read an interesting theory, claiming that Miguel is Crono. Read and tell me what you think.

Seems widespread enough for a mention. Andre (talk) 03:14, Jan 15, 2005 (UTC)

World Map[edit]

The World Map differences in Trigger were radical due to the vast amounts of time that passed in between them, the map in Cross is of Parallel worlds in the same time frame, so it is to be expected that their landmass geography is identical.

The mystery stone face[edit]

Who is the face on the very bottom of reptilian city in Chrono Cross? Azala perhaps? The preceding unsigned comment was added by ParkerPathWalker (talk • contribs) 09:10, 2005 November 8.