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I think the information provided is not sufficient.

Chungking Mansions is singular or plural??

I do think Chungking Mansions is singular, although it contains more than one building.

Sorry. I checked that in Centraline homepage. Chungking Mansions contain only one building and it is named as Chungking Mansion in the homepage. Therefore, I think it will be singular. "[[1]]"

I add a link between singular and plural parlance of 重慶大廈 in 1st paragraph. Do you agree on?

That's fine. I think.

It's a fact, Jack, that most people in the Mansions are decent, and it's not a POV[edit]

NPOV is NOT writing from the perspective of the Westerner, dammit, and the Chungking mansions is safe. There's probably more prostitution in the Peninsula because that's where the money is. I have restored a qualification which is NPOV.

I think we do have to make more discussion on the implication of the Mansions or the effect of the Mansions to the society, rather than just writing down the fact.[edit]

I do think Chungking Mansion give people of feeling of loniness and also disconnection with the city? Do you agree?

The page is a bit boring. We have to raise some interesting points on the building. For example, what can the government do to make the situation of the Mansion better, why the building is so popular, why Wong Ka Wei choose this building to make his movie, or what make the building to be chosen by the criminal even through it is so famous of that? Maybe we can discuss more here, so as to make the article better.

Is the wikipedia supposed to be a encyclopedia instead of an online dairy? i have checked out many random pages and what i did find are all facts and not something that in our opinion <-----just my point of view if u guys have more idea, pls post them up and have a discussion :)

furthermore i think we did have many interesting idea la~~ hehe, and dont be afriad that those are not enough esp. comparing with others...

I do think the page should show give other a feeling that we are thinking rather than just writing down facts. Discussing the implication or something else therefore is better.

Are those pictures in this page are taken by someone or took it from other homepages?

yes those photos were taken by me~

Guys should we add a map inside our page?

what map are you going to post?

maybe we can link this page to a map

well it is a good idea then!

but the map is too difficult to find on internet

well. it will still be ok if there is no a map in the article.

Guys!Try your best tonight~It is the last night.Let have a wonderful article.[edit]

Shall we put the "Companies inside" and "Surrounding environment" parts before "Implication of Chungking Mansions" so that the structure seems more clear?

Well. It is a good idea. You may do so. I think.

Yo! The one who post the poster. Do you obtain the copyright to post the posters of the two movies?[edit]

Ya! 94vicentyung needs to put his copyright notice in each of the picture file he provided. He also need to add a statement saying permission is granted to wikipedia to use those picture. Without the permission, copyrighted pictures should be removed from wikipedia.

copyrighted information??[edit]

The copyright statement in the photo section has a problem. It is okay to say the photos are courtesy of John Doe. But it is not okay to say the information are copyrighted because anything written in wikipedia is released under GFDL, if it is copyrighted writing, then they should be removed.

The VCDs and DVDs in Hong Kong are cheap but not pirated in most cases[edit]

My edit removes "often pirated" in the article simply because Hong Kong enforces the law, and the permananent stallholders in HK sell DVDs and VCDs inexpensively but NOT illegally for the most part. This trade is mostly found in Shenzen at open air stalls.

It may give the tourist set a *frisson* to think that they are getting an illegal deal by buying Lilo and Stitch or some other movie adequate to their attention span for ten HK dollars but prices are comparable to budget outlets in the USA.

There is something vulgar about running about Asia expecting shopowners to risk their livelihoods by selling hot goods.

You backpacker punks will buy hot DVDs while condemning the people who live in the Mansions as ali babas and thieves. This is just wrong.Spinoza1111 05:00, 13 August 2006 (UTC)

Note on the POV of the last paragraph about Incurable Romantics[edit]

Edward G. NilgesSpinoza1111 05:31, 12 January 2006 (UTC)Hong Kong resident, bon vivant, and occasionally stayer at some of the crummier guest houses, YMCAs, souks, flea bags, Motel Sixes and estaminets world wide:

Take a look at the last paragraph about Romantics both cured and incurable.

The article originally took the POV of the moneyed, slumming Western backpacker and as such it Other-ed the denizens of the CK as if being an "illegal" immigrant was THE SAME THING as being a Thugee or Badmashee.

I would like the article to adopt a neutral POV: that applicable both to the backpacker on a trust fund, and someone who sets up housekeeping on a permanent basis in the dear old Chung King.

Comments are welcome.

A minor edit[edit]

Spinoza1111 13:28, 15 January 2006 (UTC)Edward G. Nilges

I reworded the intro in a rather minor edit to make the diverse peoples more equivalent. The original read as if the tourists and backpackers make the place culturally diverse, otherwise it would be a mess.

I added Nigerians, Europeans and Americans to the list, and the catchall phrase "other peoples of the world" to move the spotlight away from a series of peoples identified in the original with the connotation that they are dangerous riff raff. In particular, the catchall phrase makes the enumerated set more accepting of what used to be called the brotherhood of man as opposed to its cantonization into rich tourists who make the place kewl, and dangerous junglee men who are probably illegal in some way.

In general, given that Lonely Planet is contemplating a Chinese edition, travel writing needs to get rid of the "binary opposition" between Lord Jim and the local folks.

"incurable romantics" is nonsense[edit]


I took out the paragraph about "incurable romantics". It was nicely written, but absolutely inappropriate for an encyclopedia; lyrical, philosophical, novelist. Certainly there are other places for publishing these thoughts; this article isn't.

Spinoza1111 06:37, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

Nonsense. The paragraph summed it up without violating NPOV. The encyclopaedia author has a RIGHT at the finish to do so, to be "lyrical".

It's not about being lyrical. It's about having a NEUTRAL POINT OF VIEW. This is COMPATIBLE with being lyrical.

Don't use NPOV as an excuse to destroy beauty like some sort of Visigoth.

I am putting it back in. I will tone it down a little.

OK, dammit, I just added the sentence "It [the Chung King] attracts incurable Romantics, curing some, confirming others" to the paragraph ending the introduction in lieu of what I had written before, dammit.

Now, a slightly ironic tone as above does not violate NPOV because the intelligent reader (who I assure you is all I care about) knows that the world-weary, and neutral-in-the-sense-of-urbane (not neutral-in-the-sense-of-being-a-moron) is kind of putting it in an ironic nut shell: that there are Romantics as well as guest workers infesting this estaminet.

Now, you may well ask whether urbanity itself is non-NPOV. Perhaps the sentence only speaks to Westerners with a past.

But I have met quite enough suave and debonair people from all over the world to realize that to assume that only a Westerner can be as cool as James Bond, can be shaken not stirred, is itself a POV: colonialism.

I am most uninterested in American "neutrality", which is the gape of the TV watcher, you may rest assured.

Above it is said the article was boring. Well, it ain't anymore thanks to me. Moreover it had the non-NPOV of the frightened American tourist with too many working credit cards for the good of his immortal soul, who hasn't stayed as I have stayed at the Lily Garden.

Laundry lists, external links and categorisation[edit]

I have today deleted the laundry list of companies and guest houses from the article. None of them are notable in any way, it invites would-be visitors and owners to list their "guest house" and contact details, so the list completely unencyclopaedic.

Also, it was categorised as a Hotel, but the building itself is not a hotel. Thirdly, none of the external links would pass muster as a reliable source, so have been removed. Ohconfucius 05:32, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

OK, now it has been completely rewritten. Have I missed anything? Ohconfucius 08:37, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

New book: Mathews, Ghetto At The Center Of The World[edit]

Gordon Mathews, Ghetto At The Center Of The World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong. University of Chicago Press (Jun 2011), paperback, 256 pages. I don't have a copy yet (as it is not published). m.e. (talk) 05:22, 23 May 2011 (UTC)

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SCMP story[edit]

Good source - SCMP interview with the chair of the building management for 24 years, and charmingly committed to the place [2]. (talk) 05:09, 23 May 2017 (UTC)

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