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The CPTP was spearheaded by George Leward (G.L.) Washington and Dr. Patterson and was coordinated with then senator Harry Truman.

particularly Italy and Nazi Germany,[edit]

Why do we always have this reference to "Nazi" Germany? Here in one sentence we see the contrast. It's just Italy ... not Fascist Italy. But it's always Nazi Germany, not just Germany. Why is that? Nazi is a nickname of National Socialism. It was a political organization just like fascism was (and in fact is now in the USA ... one meaning separation of corporations and government but with interacting control of each). But Nazi is constantly being referred as a derogatory term ... principally when referring to the Germans and the Jews during that period of history. It's used to reinforce the propaganda of the now easily proven hoax of the Jewish Holocaust. It needs to stop. Wikipedia is better than that.

WithGLEE (talk) 03:14, 29 May 2015 (UTC)