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Developing the article[edit]

I've expanded the text (providing some context as well as references and links to other Wikpedia articles) in order to make this a viable article. Concerning the list of 'Notable Classical Music Blogs', I would suggest keeping the list to blogs which are actually discussed in the article and blogs by noteworthy authors.

Some ways to develop this article:

  1. The increasing use of blogs by opera companies to publicize their latest productions, e.g. The Metropolitan Opera [1], The English National Opera [2].
  2. Print publications adding classical music blogs to their web sites to allow their journalists more room to cover stories than would be possible in the print edition, e.g. Anthony Tommasini at the New York Times [3]; Janelle Gelfand at the Cincinnati Enquirer [4].
  3. Who reads classical music blogs? Some interesting stuff in the articles by Anne Midgette and Steve Smith now listed in the References section.

Voceditenore (talk) 10:24, 29 December 2007 (UTC)

Please do not add further blogs in the article's list before reading this[edit]

Wikipedia articles are not meant to be mere collections of external links. Excessive lists can dwarf the article itself and add nothing to the reader's understanding of the topic. (See What Wikipedia is not) There are now literally hundreds of classical music blogs (links have been provided in the article to two large blogrolls on the subject for readers who are interested in finding them). Please do not add further individual blogs to the list in this article unless their authors are notable (preferably with an article in Wikipedia themselves) or their blog has received independent press coverage (not simply a mention in another blog). This article is still being developed. However, the goal should be to integrate the blogs listed into the article's text as illustrative of a particular aspect of the topic. Thanks, Voceditenore (talk) 16:59, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

Why the entire list has now been removed from the article[edit]

Despite the notice above, editors have continued to simply add more and more blogs, many of which are non-notable and by non-notable authors. This article has the potential to be a good one, but not if it's turned into a link dump. Consequently I have removed the entire list of "notable" blogs to this page to be used as a resource for developing the article.

The blogs currently mentioned in the main article are referenced in a footnote, thus they do not need to be repeated in a separate list in the main article. Future editors, please do not add any blog to the main article unless it is by a noteworthy author (see above) or has had independent press coverage (not simply a mention in another blog). You must add text to the article to put the blog you are adding into the context of the rest of the article and you must provide references that establish either the blog's or its author's notability. Future additions which fail to do this will be removed as will any attempts to re-create the list.

There are several blogs in the list below which have had independent news coverage or have been quoted in the print media, and will eventually make their way into the main article. But that will only happen if editors are prepared to put in real work rather than simply adding links. Thanks Voceditenore (talk) 20:04, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

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