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This step targets to eliminate duplicate records, repair records with junk characters, remove blank lines if any. Completion of these 4 steps would lead to populated data load files which are ready to be pumped into SAP system.

Note on MDM: - If there are multiple legacy systems which house data about the same data object but with different identifiers, then SAP MDM can be utilized to resolve such inconsistencies. The three scenarios provided for by SAP MDM are: 1. Data consolidation 2. Master data harmonization 3. Central data management. The content checker of MDM can identify duplicates based on business rules. For e.g.: if two customers have the same VAT registration numbers then they are to be treated as a single customer even if the primary key identifier (customer number in this case) is different in the source systems.

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I've added {{out of date}} to the "Existing tools" section in attempt to follow the spirit of the change in revision 467673283 by I reverted the original change since it placed "discussion" text into the article itself. I'm not sure this section actually needs updates, but if anyone would like to tackle it, feel free. ~David Rolek (talk) 23:42, 29 December 2011 (UTC)


There is no such word as declean in the English language and so we need to change the header, a real eyesore but not sure what to change it to. ♫ RichardWeiss talk contribs 15:32, 13 January 2017 (UTC)