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Cold fusion happens. It's actually a rather common phenomenon. The U.S. Department of energy 'debunks' claims of cold fusion because they're lobbied (well, more like controlled) by corrupt corporations like Halliburton and Enron that are terrified of the prospect of free energy, as it would destroy their businesses. Asshole corporations like this are behind our current (completely illegitimate) 'energy crisis', and the subsequent wars that have occured in the Middle East. These wars continue because of a pact between the corrupt monarchies of Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, who just so happen to be the wealthiest Royal Families on Earth, if not the wealthiest people on Earth, period... Khranus

That's nice. Can you cite a source for this information? -- Pakaran 02:14, 11 Nov 2003 (UTC)

I'd like to know why the obsession with 'cited sources' continues despite the fact that you have the most extensive and instantaneously accessible library in existence right at your fingertips. I prefer to let the individual find their own answers. Search: Google Khranus

Um, Khranus, do you happen to have any connections to Lyndon LaRouche? RickK 03:07, 11 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Actually, I have no idea who that is... Khranus

Khranus - I wonder how you think the burden is on ME to justify questioning YOUR views that the British royal family is covering up cold fusion? Wasn't it Sagen who said that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence? -- Pakaran 03:16, 11 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Did I ever say it was the British Royal Family directly? It seems to me that you're the one oversimplifying. It's the U.S. Department of Energy that's covering up Cold Fusion, under the direction of oil companies that just so happen to have financial ties to the Royal Family. I'm not seeing how this is in any way 'extraordinary'... Khranus

Shouldn't it be rather obvious that, in the world today, money is power? Therefore how is it in any way inconceivable that the wealthiest people on earth are capable of manipulating a government organisation? They certainly manipulate the media, so why not scientific 'data'? Khranus

There ar far too many scientists in far too many different universities and research institutes, to be manipulated in this way. If cold fusion were to work why should a scientist shut up about it because Eron want's them too ? The experiments concerned are not difficult,when the claims first came out lots of scientist tried to replicate the experiments and couldn't. How could they all be "got to" in the way you imply ? Theresa knott 09:58, 11 Nov 2003 (UTC)

It's very simple. For the vast majority, simple indoctrination and shame are used to prevent them from making any 'insane' claims, or even investigations into what is outside the realm of accepted 'science'. For those few that remain independant in thought, more brutal measures are used--such as literal threats. Drug companies are somewhat notorious for doing this among doctors who have experienced this barbaric treatment. For instance, my father was developing a cure for diabetes during the 1980's, and received an anonymous call threatening his life if he continued his research. The reason for such threats is obvious: to prevent any new technologies from spoiling the business of old, monopolistic corporations. Dr. Timothy Leary experienced such threats on several occasions, as did many other psychiatrists studying the positive effects of LSD, as it, being a cure rather than a treatment, was dangerous to the established market of less effective psychoactives... To quote Robert Anton Wilson:

"A lot of psychologists I have known over the years agreed with Leary - they acknowledged in private that LSD was an incredibly valuable tool. But these same psychologists backed off as the heat from the government increased, until they all became as silent as moonlight on a tombstone. And Tim was still out there with his angry Irish temper, denouncing the government and fighting on alone.

"I don't want to discount that there are people whose lives have been destroyed by drugs, but are they the result of Timothy's research or or the result of government policies? Leary's research was dosed down, and the media stopped quoting him a long time ago. Most people don't even understand what Leary's opinions were or what it was he was trying to communicate. By contrast, the government's policies have been carried out for 30 years, and now we have a major drug disaster in this country. Nobody, of course, thinks it's the government's fault - they think it's Leary's for trying to prevent it, for trying to have scientific controls over the thing. He deserves a better legacy than that."

- Robert Anton Wilson

Honestly, if you can't conceive how such manipulation is possible, especially today, you have some serious research to do. Please, don't be silly--don't deny the obvious merely because you haven't been force-fed it by some offical 'source'. Khranus

So let me get this straight- your father recieving an alleged death threat from drug companies, means that you can say whatever rubbish you like on this encylopedia? You don't need to cite any sources because a worldwide government conspiricy covers everything up. Wow can anyone play that game? I quite fancy writing that dolphins are aliens from outerspace sent here by the the dolphaniorons to study humans. The royal family knows about this but covers it up because they love tuna.
Let's get real. If you can't back up what you're saying with hard evidence it has no place here. Try Usenet instead. Theresa knott 11:01, 11 Nov 2003 (UTC)

bitsnow:First of all its his encycolpedia and if u dont like that then simply dont read it second of all this isnt the encyclopedia section its a disscussion meening he can speak his mind now if he had put that in the artical id agree with you but he didn't did he and third think about what hes saying free energy would solve at the least 10 percent of the worlds problems exept a few suites rich and greedy people would go out of bussiness so instead of using there smarts to try to figure out another use for there specialties they ae taking the easy way out and cornering the monoply witch is giving man kind a hell of a time trying to step foot into the next age of technoladgy.

and bye the way ure talking id half a mind to beleive u dont work for those insolent companies.