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Sorry guys, but the "subjectivity of color" section is partially crap.[edit]

This concept has GOT to go. It's easy to fall into as a trap, and it's commonly mentioned, but to mention it here as fact is simply wrong. Problem quotes:

"Furthermore, there is an arbitrary mapping between wavelengths of light in the visual spectrum and human experiences of color."


"For example, someone with an inverted spectrum might experience green while seeing 'red' (700 nm) light, and experience red while seeing 'green' (530 nm) light."

No. That "thought experiment" represents a misunderstanding and imposes a dual sensory problem. It's as if there is a color coming in, and then it's projected on a canvas, and then yet other viewing.

When thinking of color, people I've known go through the following stages:

1. As a child we think "blue is blue".
2. As we think deeper, we think "what I actually call blue, you might internally see as red."
(and unfortunately too many stop here without proceeding to 3)
3. When you realize the neurology involved, you arrive at, "No, what is blue is being sensed, and there is a neurological set of patterns that represent it, and that's where the perception ends. There is no seeing it as another person might see red."

Now there are cases where we can trip from one color into another at the perception level, such as with the blue/black, gold/white dress, but outside of synesthesetic reactions, those are shared among us all. For instance, there is a line drawn with a low-light white that we interpret as blue or white depending upon the person. However there is no one internally seeing it as someone else might see green.

To understand the logical fallacy involved, imagine if you were to write an AI neural net, and in there you have a fully conscious creature that is seeing blue. It is seeing blue, and that's the bottom line. There is no "see's blue as _____". The neural pattern is the neural pattern.Tgm1024 (talk) 00:52, 20 May 2018 (UTC)