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My first disambuguation page, and my first "from scratch" page. Whew!

Well, I really hope somebody else can do a better job of describing CGML, and also come up with something to title the article about Cquay's software that would be less likely to lead to confusion with the Common Ground software company which publishes CGML; I'm way over my head when it comes to either of them. Possibly one or the other doesn't actually need a Wikipedia article, but I think if one goes in the other almost has to.

I included the several activist organisations and the two magazines, even though some of them are fairly small and/or regional, because I thought it was important to help users distinguish entities using the name "Common Ground" which are affiliated with The Twelve Tribes from those which are not, due to controversy over some of TT's philosophies and practices alleged to be antithetical to the stated goals of those other groups. I think a reeasonable person might assume some or all of the other organisations were affiliated in some way with the Twelve Tribes brands.

Also, there's not yet a Common Ground Bakery or Common Ground Café article... I couldn't find enough information to feel comfortable starting one, but my thoughts are: that one article might serve for both; that Common Ground Café is probably the best title; and that Common Ground Bakery and Common Ground Cafe should both redirect there. The Common Sense brand should either also be included or given a see also link.

I also found a "pattern language" called Common Ground -- there's a paper about it archived at MIT -- but I have no idea at all if this is something that is or ever was used outside the scope of that paper. Again a need for an editor with specialised knowledge I don't have. --The Jack 20:52, 16 November 2005 (UTC)

I converted the page into a redirect to Common Ground—which I in turn converted into a disambiguation page in line with the recommendations of the Manual of Style—but I saved most of the Common Ground entities you had listed and put them on a new page, Common Ground (usage in proper names). Since no one else has done so, you ought to take some of those and turn them into separate articles. I took one (Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families) and made a stub out of it. -- Muffuletta 00:32, 20 April 2006 (UTC)