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call establishment procedure from mobile to landline

Section Telecommunications liberalization[edit]

After blasting PTCL for being the cause of high call rates, and making the best case for liberalization of the telecom industry, the author tries to salvage PTCL by calling it a "national asset". Are you kidding me? This national asset caused exorbitant fees for local and international calls, with an absolute lack of good service. What kind of a "national asset" is this?

If the author would be so kind as to observe the functioning of the mobile communications market, the author would no doubt be astonished at the extremely low call rates, and the immense number of freebies dished out by competing firms to attract clients. Not to mention the ever improving call quality and service provision. Compare that to the poor if not downright pathetic performance of the state run PTCL and I cannot understand how the author still considers PTCL as a "national asset". I bet the author would love to have PTCL corner the mobile market too and cause frequent disconnections, lack of good services, and insane costs. PTCL (and PTA) is a joke! If someone could please repeal the "Telecommunications Act" and shut down PTCL, I'd be greatly obliged. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:05, 26 May 2011 (UTC)