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  • Restructure according to the guidelines proposed in Wikipedia:WikiProject Science, ie. :
    • expand the introduction for the general public
    • explain the applications in light of everyday life: where one can find it, and in what shapes; discuss the economics (speed vs capacity vs features); discuss the rate of technical improvements
    • theory: explain that computer = processor + storage, highlighting its fundamental importance

To the first statement, all articles should be kept seperate, with a link and a quick brief of about 2 lines next to the link from this page. the reason for this is if any students (like me) search for something and get re-directed here, it may cause confusion about what exactly the different types of storage are. sorry that this is in a previously existing section, i'm not sure how to make a new one. can somone please move it into one? thank you. 19:00, 19 September 2007 (UTC)