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Note the following updates from site surveys in 2006:

The Bustleton Branch is alive and well. Conrail Shared Assets Operation (CSAO) operates this branch from Frankford Yard (often Train FJ-10).

The Midvale Branch was removed in the mid-1980's (around 1986) when the Midvale Steel Company plant was demolished. I worked on the plant grounds during the demolition. The Conrail yard on the Chestnut Hill Branch where the Midvale Branch began is now removed.

The Kensington and Tacony Branch is completely abandoned. One can find parts of the branch still intact at a Delaware River access point near Frankford Arsenal. The rails on Tioga Street are paved over, removed, and any remaining portions severed from access. I last saw a train on Tioga Street in 1982.

I remember trains on a short stub of the Oxford Branch as late as 1982 whan I was a student at old Lyons Technical Institute near "D" and Erie Avenues. Crews would often switch the industries along Erie Avenue in the afternoon. The branch's bridge over Erie Avenue was removed about ten years ago. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Chooch331 (talkcontribs)