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Retirement different in various Wikipedia articles[edit]

Not having time to research this, I still want to point out the seemingly contradicting infos on the end of Conrad Helfrich’s career:

Here (English) it says: "He remained in command until his retirement from the navy on 1 January 1949."

The same date is mentioned in the German article, but there he isn’t called Lieutenant Admiral: "Vizeadmiral Helfrich trat am 1. Januar 1949 aus den Diensten der niederländischen Marine aus."

But the Dutch article says: "Op 1 oktober 1948 ging hij met pensioen." meaning: "He retired on October 1st, 1948."

The English article seems to have been translated from the Dutch one, but later edited on this point, so it could well be a valid correction. Unfortunately, the reference link added in there doesn’t work anymore. Geke (talk) 08:20, 27 January 2017 (UTC)