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conscription was when militay service was made compulsory.

In some nations, conscription is part of their history, but not a current reality.
In some nations, they have some kind of national service today which can include military service.
In some nations, new people are "recruited" into the armed services in ways that are barbaric by contemporary standards.
Consider child soldiers today.
Consider chain gangs that contributed to the start of the War of 1812. British naval ships stopped neutral vessels on the high seas, and forceably drafted persons of other nationalities into the British Navy. This led to one of those neutral nations declaring war on Britain, after failing to get them to stop, through diplomatic channels.
One crisis comes about when there is a change in long standing policies and practices, combined with a war that is unpopular for a large segment of the population that is at risk of being drafted into it.
Another kind of crisis can occur when the military is running out of people willing to serve, so various measures might be taken to prevent people from leaving when their term of service has expired. This action has the effect of discouraging more people from joining up.

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