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major overhaul[edit]

I encountered the article today and found it very difficult to comprehend (even though I mostly remembered all about this from my three semester course on differential geometry during my masters course). Therefore, I felt that the page needs a major overhaul. It was mainly okay, but needed some straightening out. I tried to emphasise the fact that this refers to constant sectional curvature, which is in general not equal to the scalar curvature (which comes from contracting the Riemann tensor). I added a list of properties, source were my lecture notes of differential geometry and I apologise for not having the time right now to look up proper references. I invite any interested reader/editor to do so ... everything should be contained in most of the (more extensive) differential geometry textbooks. Generally, my intention was to keep this article free of technicalities and I hope all relevant information should be accessible for any interested reader. Critical feedback very welcome. --MKlaput (talk) 16:34, 5 April 2012 (UTC)