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United States?[edit]

RE: " The United States was also not supportive of the plan because it prohibited unilateral action by the US in protection of its interests. Moreover, the US succeeded in blocking in the plan any recourse to the World Court and United Nations as required by international law."

Can someone tell me why this shouldn't be deleted? The first sentence is fairly accurate, though it criticizes the US position without explaining it. I copy/pasted it only to maintain the context of the second sentence. How did the US block any recourse? What international laws dictate that recourse to WC and UN should be provided? To Whom should recourse have been provided? Why was the US against said recourse? Where is the source?

According to Carlos Romero ("Exporting Peace by Other Means: Venezuela," in Jorge I. Dominguez (ed.), International Security and Democracy: Latin America and the Caribbean in the Post-Cold War Era, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998, pp. 151-166), the UN was involved. It supported the group from the beginning:

"Together with the secretary-general of the OAS, the secretary-general of the United Nations, Javier Perez de Cuellar, visited the five Central American countries in January 1987; they were accompanied by the ministers of foreign affairs of the Contadora Group and Support Group countries. The impact of this visit and the fact that the UN secretary-general was a member of the CIVS (International Verification and Implementation Commission) led the United Nations to organize a UN Observer Group for the Verification of Elections in Nicaragua (ONUVEN) on August 25, 1989, as well as the International Support and Verification Commjssion ( CIAV) that same month to supervise the plan for the demobilization, repatriation, and reconciliation of the Nicaraguan insurgents. The secretary-general of the United Nations sent an evaluation mission, lasting from September 3 to September 23, 1989, to look into the possibility of sendirlg a military observer mission to Central America."

Romero makes no mention of US blocking anything. I don't think he can mention something that didn't happen. If it did happen, why, how, what, source, etc? --Lacarids (talk) 21:01, 30 April 2012 (UTC)