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Disambiguation pages with links[edit]

Article cleanup[edit]

Whilst adding Scott continuity to this page I undertook a bit of a rejig:

  • Wiktionary link: I replaced the current HTML (with explicit div tags and everything, eww) with the Wiktionary template.
  • Grouping: I grouped all links that were variants of "continuous functions" together. I don't know enough about parametric and geometric continuity to group them, so if I've done that wrong please do fix it.
  • Ordering: I put "continuous probability distribution" before functions because, although I imagine it's slightly less likely to be what the reader had been looking for, it was threatened with being overshadowed by the list of continuous function articles. The reverse is not true. I'm fairly confident that there are the two most common uses of "continuity", so they should be the first two in the list.
  • Link removal: As per WP:Disambiguation I removed links that were not the main article being referred to by a bullet point. I also removed the link to continuity theorem, which is a disambig page for the two entries that followed it, since I felt that was highly unhelpful.

Quietbritishjim (talk) 16:24, 24 June 2008 (UTC)