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Things are getting confusing; we now have article pages for:

Greenwich Mean Time (redirected to UTC)

GMT (redirected to UTC)


Universal time


  • GMT is an obsolete mean solar time, and not equal to UTC.
  • UTC is a special case of Universal Time
  • UTC is based on atomic clocks and only indirectly on the Earth's rotation
  • UTC IS the central timezone for clock time

I propose the following:

  • Redirect GMT to Greenwich Mean Time
  • In the Greenwich Mean Time article, put all the stuff on solar time; refer to UTC
  • Keep UTC, as it belongs to all the other articles for timezones. Describe its use and implementation based on atmic clocks. Just mention GMT, atomic time, leap seconds; but for all technicalities refer to the Universal Time page.
  • In the Universal Time page, describe all the technical differences between the various flavours of UT.

-- Tompeters