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  • The definition of corporate governance is biased and getting more so. This definition just reflects ONE view, Anglo-Saxon view of corporate governance.
  • Explain differences in corporate voting systems, in particular the difference between cumulative voting and block voting. Some governments require particular voting systems. There is also likely academic research to cite about the effect of the voting system on the actions/makeup of the board.
  • Make this article more international. A lot of the article refers to patterns, practices and customs prevalent in the U.K. and maybe also the U.S.A., but ignores the fact that corporate governance in the rest of the world is very different from that in these two countries. For example, the previous version of the article made no difference between ownership and control and used both terms interchangeably. It assumed that ownership is equivalent to control and vice-versa. This is clearly only the case in the U.K., but not elsewhere (including the U.S.A.) due to the existence of dual-class shares, pyramids of ownership as well as other mechanisms which create a wedge between ownership and control. I have tidied up the article in this sense, but more needs to be done.