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My little cousin aged 7 was diagnosed with Cortical Dysplasia last year she was having alot of seizures and after months of trying different medication for epilepsy with no success - it became clear that she had a tumour which had to be removed. She had it successfully removed 12months ago now and has been living a very normal life until 3 weeks ago while she was being weaned off her medication - the seizures have begun again. We were told at the time of the operation there was a small part of the tumour which was not removed but highly unlikely it would ever effect her. She is on her way in for an MRI scan today to see why the seizures are reoccuring. Can anybody tell me does this sound familiar or any further information on this would be very helpful. We are very worried. Many thanks. (L.kerr)

Can I help[edit]

I have had epilepsy and asthma since I was 6 and a half (98). I had my bi-temporal surgery in May '07. My epilepsy was gone for 18 months. My second surgery took place in Aug '09 (18 yrs sharp). My mind felt scared, but surgery was terrific. My left temporal lobe, piece of frontal, and hyppocampus were succesfully removed. Mild Aspergers is most of it, I find now. The frontal lobe and hypothalamus, I believe, somehow need work through this condition. We lead our mind, no anxiety. May each day be a blessing. God bless you and your family with love. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Musketeer41 (talkcontribs) 20:40, 29 March 2010 (UTC)