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The name earlier mentioned "Aren Ober" appears to be a psychic, with no mention on the internet of astrology associated with her name. The intent was assumed to be to mention "Karen Ober - Savalan", who authored textbooks on cosmobiological techniques in the late 1970s, and so I corrected the entry to her name. Most of the references so far are to literature of those who have made exceptional and substantial contributions in the German and English languages -- certainly substantial contributions from Spanish (and other) language authors should be mentioned if they are indeed Cosmobiologists. So far, Greaves and Kimmel have been mentioned as both authors and mentors for many students of Cosmobiology in the USA and Australia, Eleanora Kimmel having had direct dealings with the original School of Cosmobiology founded in Germany, which at one time published a bilingual German-English journal. It would however be confusing to add every single individual claiming to be a Cosmobiologist.... the list would be longer than the article. There may also be a problem in that the term 'Cosmobiology' was used loosely for a number of years by some astrologers to refer to any type of astrology that had scientific intentions and used scientific methods of research. As a result, a few scattered practitioners of more mainstream/popular methods used the term. IT MAY THEREFORE BE necessary to divide the category, calling one page 'Cosmobiology, German' or maybe 'Cosmobiology, Midpoint' and 'Cosmobiology, Generic' or something similar.... the Cosmobiology School in Germany, derived from the methodology of Alfred Witte, has had substantial literature in both German and English. If the Spanish-language publications use the Witte/Ebertin methods (mostly midpoints), they would logically should be mentioned in the same category. However, it seems logical to have another page for those astrologers using the label 'Cosmobiology' but not utilizing the primarily midpoint-focused methodology set forth by Ebertin and other students of the earlier methods of Alfred Witte.

Cosmobiology also synonym for astrobiology[edit]

Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe, besides Earth. A books google search shows a number of scholarly journals also calling it cosmobiology. So that distinction probably should be made. CarolMooreDC (talk) 20:18, 1 April 2011 (UTC)