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Why is this movie in the category erotic films? There is not one bit of nudity in the movie, except in one of the deleted scenes? Edge fan 00:29, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Something can be erotic without nudity.... Rito Revolto 08:19, 1 March 2007 (UTC)


This isn't a summary. It's a complete play-by-play. The summary should be edited/summarized correctly. (talk) 07:08, 8 January 2010 (UTC)

Personally, I found the plot summary to be very useful. I couldn't follow the plot in the movie at all, and I'm glad Wikipedia was able to spell it out for me. (talk) 07:08, 8 January 2010 (UTC)

Plot summary[edit]

You ask how a plot summary can be original research? Well, this one is interpretive -it interprets what happens as well as detailing the whole film. Where does the interpretation come from? Are there any sources for this information (except the film I mean - that's a primary source). Spartaz Humbug! 08:24, 25 August 2007 (UTC)

Interpretive? You clearly haven't seen the movie. It's pretty darn clear what the characters' motivations are, it doesn't take a rocket scientist. I'm not going to revert your edit again, but I ask that you restore the section. I'll trim it down myself. GlassCobra 08:28, 25 August 2007 (UTC)
It does take original research if you can't find a source for it except your own two eyes. & I have seen the film thanks. You can find the text in the history if you need something to work from but I have no objections to your recreating a very short plot summary that simply states what happens in the film. 2 short paras would probably do it. Spartaz Humbug! 08:45, 25 August 2007 (UTC)
I'll do my best. GlassCobra 12:15, 25 August 2007 (UTC)

Sebastian's car[edit]

Is it a Jaguar XK140? Opera hat 12:31, 23 September 2007 (UTC)

-EDIT- No, it isn't. It is a replica "Jaguar XK120 OTS". ;)

Four years later... I just watched the film again and he definitely refers to it as "a 1956 Jaguar roadster". The Jaguar XK120 ceased production in 1954. IMCDB also says it's an XK140. Opera hat (talk) 00:26, 1 December 2011 (UTC)



I remember seeing this CD among the rubble in a scene as "Gregster" was throwing away all of his "gay" music. It would make sense, with this song being on the movie soundtrack. This is just a placeholder until I check IMDb or rewind the movie... -- (User:Crnk Mnky) (talk) 02:32, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

Teen Choice Awards[edit]

The information is not correct. According to IMDB, it was only -nominated- for sexiest love scene, but did not win. Also, the Teen Choice Awards 1999 dealt with Cruel Intentions, not 2000. Someone please fix that, I always mess up tables so I don't want to do it. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:31, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

"Unnecessary" prequel and sequel[edit]

Resolved: vandalism has been reverted

This may be a misunderstanding on my part (I've not seen the films). What is it supposed to mean by "unnecessary direct-to-video films"? I've never seen a film where a prequel or sequels was necessary! (talk) 20:48, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

That was vandalism that someone added about two and a half hours before you looked at the article. It has since been reverted. - Kollision (talk) 02:44, 1 August 2010 (UTC)