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"Cuban Libertarian Movement" v "Cuban Anarchist Movement"[edit]

Can anyone provide a source stating that MLC is sometimes translated as "Cuban Anarchist Movement"? I don't see anywhere that it is. If this is simply an attempt to clarify the context of the term "libertarian", I think the final sentence is sufficient ("The word "libertarian" is a reference to libertarian socialism rather than economic libertarianism."). - N1h1l

Right? Libertarian?[edit]

Why is the Libertarian Moviemiento listed as Right-Libertarian. Their website clearly does not appear to be right wing? They are just as concerned with social liberty as economic liberty? They seem to be much more of having their roots in the enlightenment (which was considered left wing). Why not just call them libertarians? - Rjedgar (talk) 15:51, 29 December 2017 (UTC)