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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q1. Why is the article's name "Czech Republic" and not "Czechia"?
The "Czech Republic" is the official name of the country and the term is much more widely used and recognized in English than "Czechia". The name of the Wikipedia article is attributed to a broad consensus on this page (Talk:Czech Republic/Archive 7#Requested move 19 June 2018), which was unchanged after a subsequent discussion at Talk:Czech Republic/Archive 8#Requested move 22 November 2019. This question may be revisited in the future, following a one-year moratorium on discussing the matter that will end 29 November 2020.
Q2. Is this the correct place to discuss whether to use "Czech Republic" vs. "Czechia" in other Wikipedia articles?
No, this talk page is only for discussing improvements to the article "Czech Republic", the same goes for other article talk pages.
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Proposed deletion of Category:Slavic countries and territories[edit]

It is currently being proposed that Category:Slavic countries and territories be deleted. This article is part of that category. The relevant discussion is located at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2020 January 8#Countries and territories by language family. The discussion would benefit from input from editors with a knowledge of and interest in the Czech Republic. Krakkos (talk) 11:10, 10 January 2020 (UTC)

The section: The history of efforts to rename the Czech Republic between 2013-2020[edit]

The prime minister of the Czech Republic was interviewed by the journalists of The Wall Street Journal in March 2019 when he was told somebody had officially changed the name of his country to Czechia. Andrej Babis said to his aides: "You changed it? Or you changed it?". One of them stepped forward and quietly explained to Andrej Babis that the UN accepted the Czech proposal for official recognition of the new name. Babis said: “I didn't know about that. I don't like it at all”, fearing not to confuse the new name of the Czech Republic abroad for Chechnya. Later, Andrej Babis said to that interview for this: “I do not understand why the editors of The Wall Street Journal are dealing with this after nearly one year? I wonder if they even know where the Czech Republic lies. In the interview, I was surprised that someone was using Czechia. I am always talking about Czech Republic, so their claim is not accurate.” and “We are the Czech Republic. We are Czechs. I don't know who came up with this stupid idea. Insanely", "I am fundamentally against". For web portal Andrej Babis said: “I was surprised someone was using it. I am fundamentally talking about Czech Republic. I don't know when it was approved and I don't know why”. In response to Andrej Babis' question, The Wall Street Journal wrote: "Answer: 75-year-old President of the country, Milos Zeman." Zeman has been promoting the name Czechia for a long time. "I use the word Czechia because it sounds more beautiful and shorter than the cold name Czech Republic" he said shortly after his election as president in 2013 in Israel. He then praised Israeli President Shimon Peres for using the name. According to an unnamed Western diplomat quoted by The Wall Street Journal, the president Milos Zeman is using the transfer of credentials as an opportunity to ask the new ambassadors to use the term Czechia: "Promise me you will call her (Czech Republic) Czechia" Zeman was supposed to tell the diplomat while shaking hands. In 2016, Zeman unanimously agreed with the Prime Minister, the President of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies on a new term adopted by the UN as the official foreign name for the Czech Republic. The new name, however, caused considerable stir. Some ministers, including Andrej Babis, who was Minister of Finance at the time, were not satisfied with him. Demonstrations were held against the new name. According to a spokesman for President Jiri Ovcacek, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the Prime Minister and the President have different opinions on different topics. “The Prime Minister has a different opinion than the President. This is freedom and democracy” said a spokesman for The Wall Street Journal points out that the new name does not appear on UN social networks, although the organization had four years to update it. The change did not even affect the official website of the Prague Castle, although the president pushed for change. Zeman is listed as "President of the CR" and visitors to the site can learn about the position or constitution of "Czech Republic". Among ordinary Czechs, the name Czechia did not catch much. "It's a little confusing, nobody tells us Czechia, I don't know why" engineer Lukas Hasik told the Guardian. He himself prefers the name Czech Republic, and so it should remain. The results of the Google search engine show that the name Czechia is not very popular. From 17 February 2019 to 14 February 2020, the number of searches for the name Czech Republic was an order of magnitude higher than the number of searches for Czechia. Some diplomatic institutions do not know how to deal with the new name. US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Stephen King admitted that he rarely uses the shorter term and uses the name Czech Republic on all official level "as most Czechs". British Ambassador to the Czech Republic Nick Archer said the discussion on whether to use the name Czechia did not take place. On the other hand, the Czech Embassy in Australia adopted a diplomatic approach. She called “The Year of Czechia in Australia” on her website, hoping to “bring joy to friends and lovers of the Czech Republic in Australia. The head of Czech diplomacy Tomas Petricek asked the portal what name he used in foreign negotiations and said that both terms are official. According to Petricek, the situation is the same as when both Slovakia and Slovak Republic are used in the case of “our Slovak friends”.[1][2][3] Andrej Babis said to the interview for Blesk Zprávy: "I said in an interview that I don't like the name Czechia, that I don't use it and that I use Czech Republic. And no matter whether the government approved it or not." In his words, he had a negative relationship to the name from the beginning. "I don't want to give anything back - someone put it on the government - Sobotka's government approved it, maybe I was sitting there, saying I didn't like it. It was accepted and everyone enjoys what they want. I do not use Czechia and I will not. That's all." said the Prime Minister. Against the abbreviated version of the name, when in 2016 the Government of the Czech Republic voted on the name of Czechia, was Minister for Regional Development Karla Slechtova (ANO). Karla Slechtová, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, said: "In 2016 I was the only one against the name Czechia. All other members of the government were in favor of the abbreviated name". She added that she opposed the name Czechia even later, when it was recognized internationally: "I did not agree with the short title for unofficial use, for example in the UN. I don't agree with him now.".[4]


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Interesting is, that many inhabitants of the Czech Republic either from Moravia, or from Silesia or from Bohemia are using the following wordings (according to the meaning), when speaking/talking about the Czech Republic: "... in/to/about/from (...) the Republic" - As if they used the Republic as a short name; and more narrowly: "in/to/about/from (...) Bohemia", "in/to/about/from (...) Moravia", "in/to/about/from (...) Silesia"--Pavel Fric (talk) 09:44, 18 February 2020 (UTC).

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