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First header[edit]

Is there anyone who actually knows anything about this manga? I imagine it was originally published in some manga weekly, or elsewhere, but I can't find that information. Most of what I've found out is from Mangajin's 'Basic Japanese Through Comics', which isn't too much. --AsianAstronaut 02:57, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Nevermind. I found the original 5 collections and have been looking through them. I haven't translated much of it, but what I have confirms what I already knew. I think the article is pretty fleshed out (as much as any obscure 1980s foreign language comic will be), and other than small details I think this article is pretty much done. I'm thinking of adding a small characters section, with headshots and descritions of 3-5 main characters, but without reading it through and translating it I'm not sure I could safely pick out enough information about which characters show up enough to be considered important, and so on. I still don't know where it was published originally (manga weekly, never was, etc.), so if anyone knows that, it'd be useful information to add. --AsianAstronaut 00:03, 2004 Jul 11 (UTC)

If I remember it was originally in one of the Kodansha magazines, but I have no idea which, I'm afraid, and Kodansha don't have it on their records [online] any longer, either. Hope that's of some small help.