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I re-hashed the following from

One of the confusing things about the modern car industry is that the corporate name "Daimler" is attached to Chrysler, while Ford, which owns Jaguar, has the right to call a car "Daimler". Perhaps it's time to bury the name entirely, with Jaguar to come up with some suitably meaningless initials to denote a top model, and DaimlerChrysler to become simply "Chrysler".

Does anyone know if Jaguar (Ford) are still using "Daimler"?

Yes, it is mentioned quite a bit on their web site.--SFoskett 02:27, Aug 9, 2004 (UTC)

Also - History of German daimler anyone? - British bus info? The logo's the same as the Jaguars, but I know no more. Andy G 19:38, 4 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Dear Wikipedians,

I will mark this page as an {auto-stub} because it does not help avoid confusion. Except their inception, there is nothing in common between German Daimler company, founded by Gottlieb Daimler in 1890 (sometimes called Canstatt-Daimler) and the British Daimler company (founded by British importer of German cars, H. J. Lawson of Coventry in 1896 using Daimler's name by permission of the German firm). First British Daimler cars were based on the contemporary French Panhard and were not influenced by the German Daimler firm which made the immortal Mercedes. By the way, German Daimler stopped manufacturing cars in 1902. Afterwards, Austro-Daimler of Austria was run by Gottlieb Daimler's son, Paul. So, the further histories of the German, Austrian and British Daimler firms are not connected at all. I propose to make a "diasmbiguation page to reveal what I have told before. What do you think?

--Millisits 15:17, 22 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Go ahead but don't destroy any information (unless you can show it's false) Andy G 17:52, 23 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Smooth Move Slapping Down US Investors[edit]

My brokerage doesn't deal with "untrustworthy foreign stocks". I tried to explain to them that it is "Mercedes". They wont hear of it. Thanks for delisting yourselves, jerks. Now I cant purchase your stocks. FU.

Additions/revisions to the Daimler article[edit]

I have made a number of additions and corrections to the Daimler page. I have solely been preoccupied by the British version of Daimler.

Indeed, in North America Daimler and Daimler-Chrysler are equated by 99.9% of people as being one and the same.

I had to go through detailed and repeated explanations on how these were unrelated Marques to every single individual I dealt with at U-Haul (to rent a trailer to transport a Daimler), my insurer, both US and Canadian Customs, the DMV,... and whenever I drive around in my classic Daimler, people keep asking what it is and when I answer "Daimler", I have to go through the same explanation all over again...

JPE July 5, 2005

Just made a minor correction to the Daimler page. It stated that the Queen Mother's funeral was with a Daimler DS420 hearse. It was a Daimler indeed, but not a DS420. I am certain about this because I am a DS420 freak (I run the Daimler DS420 site) and watched the funeral on TV (April 9, 2002) especially to see this. B.t.w.: the same was true for Princess Margaret (Feb 15, 2002). August 17, 2005