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Required a disambiguation page too. --Bhadani 11:36, 14 January 2006 (UTC)

A Continent?[edit]

Daitya are a race of tan skinned mountain people whom were regenerated via the neanderthal gene. They are infact European celtic scythians.  Legends say of the continent Daitya sank in the ocean, however it broke apart into pieces. Its name was Atlan and present day venezuala, an island which broke apart from it in shape of a copperhead was the bridge to europe, turned upsidedown and merged with south america. However, Daitya is mentioned as 'atlan' many times from various sources. Tripura was Asgard as Atla, Daitya as Atlan and Ruta as its younger isle went upwards while it went down via a polar shift. Daitya is the continent of Haiti, Cuba, the Faeroe Islands and the Dominican republic. If one were to turn cuba upside down, and put Haiti on top of Cuba then put Jamaica on top of Haiti and the Faroe islands on top of Jamaica then it would form a perfect triangle. Such is the case when one puts nova scotia against virginia and new york to form a perfect rectangle. The continent itself is told to make the form of a shark's tooth or triangle which resembles the Faroe Islands. The bottom right corner disappeared and is now known as the Bahamas. They say this continent fell 85k bce. Venezuela was the famed bahamas chain which disappeared. It was next to morocco and it merged with south america. Its now Venezuela but used to be an island. It is told catholicism or that culture of the west came from that particular island. It is said they were having near space age technology and went to war with the indian pakistan race of rama. What happened is the africans in pakistan are regarded as the first judah whom betrays their race. They helped these japanese dakas (basically hindu-japanese white people with orange hair), and rama's race ended up nuking them. Rama himself is an avatar meaning his whole life is equal to nearly a million years of past and present history. They say it was part of an island in the southern antarctic. Recently the jews regenerated the human germ and is why we are at a present state of suffering and karma. So now you know even though everything is the same, the jews are an unworldly race. Plato must have only had a vision of the corner of this triangular land mass sink however like how french polynesia is infact new zealand, this island was Venezuela. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:38, 17 August 2013 (UTC)