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Could anyone considering editing this page (particularly students and staff of Dame Allan's Schools) please read Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines before editing the article. All articles must be written from a neutral point of view, and in good English. For example, when explaining controversy, explain what happened, why it was controversial, and the outcome, rather than any particular dislikes you personally had about the situation. If you have any disagreements about the article, discuss them here before making changes. I'll be on hand to revert vandalism and correct spelling :).

On a more positive note, does anyone have any good aerial photos of the school, or pictures of layout e.t.c.? I just added the 'Facilities' section and a picture would probably help clarify everything. Also of interest would be any recent or detailed news articles (there's a lot of small ones about sport and dance but nothing really worth linking- didn't the 2006 Founder's Day service get reported anywhere?) and any more old Allanians to add to the list (my searches return a Lib Dem lawyer, a Geordie now living in Australia, and an Labour MP who may or may not have died several years ago).

As a final note, can anyone confirm if 1705 DAS is an active website? It doesn't look like it (last updated is listed 03/07/2002, but there appears to be newer stuff there about the tercentenary), there isn't much there, and the incessant pop ups are annoying, but maybe worth linking to if it is?

Once again, it's perfectly fine to write uncomplementary things about the school here, as long as you do so from a neutral point of view. For instance, when referring to a particular printer that barely functions, write that 'hardware failure is a regular occurrence', rather than sarcastically stating 'This centre boasts state of the art IT facilities (with a printer noted for its efficiency)'. And remember spelling and grammar! Finally, is there actually an organisation called 'Students Against Hind'? If so, that would definitely be worth a mention here, although I'll understand if the leadership wishes to remain anonymous.

I also added a section about The Staff Pupil Committee and common concerns about its functionality. 01:00, 8 March 2006 (UTC)

A spiffy new box has been added with the logo etc. Also removed the Telegraph newspaper link from the external links section- it was working fine three days ago, but has seemingly been discontinued. Maybe remove the external links section totally unless we can find some new links? Dameallans 22:02, 8 March 2006 (UTC)

Guys, if you want to discuss any of the issues in the article, USE THIS PAGE! The DISCUSSION page! Pupils, stop redirecting links (hilarious though it is) and staff, stop deleting huge sections about stuff you don't like. If any more experienced wikipedians can help prop up this article now and then I'd appreciate it, but I understand it's pretty minor on the scale of things :) 15:49, 15 March 2006 (UTC)

Okay, done. I've tried to merge all the disorganised changes that were made back into a cohesive article. Does anyone have accurate, verifiable information relating to 1) scholarships, 2) school fees, 3) future developments? Would be nice to have some concrete clarification on cost e.t.c. as the school website seems to be once again falling into disrepair >.<.

Also, the school's IP address seems to be, so bare this in mind when editing :). 16:43, 15 March 2006 (UTC)

Once again, I rewrote recent changes from a more neutral point of view and reverted (once again, hilarious) vandalism. I advise younger students to peruse a dictionary, particularly in reference to the spelling of the word 'flaw' :). Finally, I'm pretty sure that a member of staff running in a general election would count as a 'famous allanian'- once again, discuss disagreements here before deleting sections! 03:09, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

There we go folks- this has got so pathetic I've added a vandalism warning to the top of the article. I am, quite frankly, disgusted at the amount of vandalism from *all* sides this article has been subjected to.

Students- if you wish to say potentially unpopular things about the school:

  • Do so here, in the discussion page, not by vandalising the article. Please note that Wikipedia's policy against personal attacks applies to ALL pages, including discussion pages.
  • Submit a new section, written from a neutral point of view. When outlining controversy, DO NOT say why YOU dislike/d a certain thing. Rather, describe it in factual detail, then state why a majority of people involved find the situation unsatisfactory
  • Find somewhere else to voice your views, perhaps a blog, public forum, or Uncyclopedia. Wikipedia is an ENCYCLOPEDIA, not a soapbox for your personal views.


  • If something written here is plainly untrue (e.g. 'Mr. D. Bisset - reigning world break dancing champion') you can simply remove it. Other Wikipedians will help revert vandalism, but they may not pick up on details which appear to be factually correct, but are actually codswallop.
  • If you disagree with the manner in which a controversial issue is presented (e.g. The Sponsored Walk Section) then make changes, stating reasons in the edit summary or on this page, and follow Wikipedia's conflict resolution guidelines- basically, rather than replacing the opposing POV with your own POV, try to merge both into a neutral presentation of the contentious issue. If you can cite sources, that's fantastic, but as I've found out by now there isn't that much information about the school online.

Come on, let's all work together and make this article great! I'm sick of being the only person actually bothering to add anything useful! Staff have a lot to contribute in terms of official policy, exacts dates of events before our time, and so forth, whereas pupils seem to have a much greater inclination to attempt to contribute to the article, no matter how misguised or immature their attempts may be :).

I think it would be valid if the head boy (David Harding) and head girl (Rebecca Maughan) were given a mention as they do play a key role in the school, also possibly add the officers and their duties in as well. May provide interesting information about the roles that are involved in school allowing future pupils to discover these roles. 20:50, 18 March 2006 (UTC) (moved and signature added by for clarity and consistency)

I agree- can we get them to write some of their own experiences and details of the posts here? I'm sure David in particular would be delighted to. Once next year's head pupils and officers are picked we could probably stick that up too. I don't have time at the moment, but if no such section is added in the next few days I'll write one. 00:52, 20 March 2006 (UTC)

I feel it is actually nessecary to mention that without ALL of the prefects the school would not run as clearly desite how highly you seem to rate the 12 officers. While not every prefect takes there role seriously there are lots of us who turn up at every open morning, service and special event as well as doing at least one lunch duty a week. We may not spend our time going on team building exercises and having posh lunches but we are just as important.

Reference to the diamond structure may also be a valid point as it is one of the school's USP for separate sex education - possible diagram to illustrate,

Note have came across a picture of the school Aerial shot from pupil which can be found here [asumption that image is (c) of owner]

School Aerial

EDIT - i asked the owner and he said its fine for somebody to stick it on the main page ( i dont kno how)