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Incorrect image[edit]

I was directed here to attempt to correct the incorrect image showing of Darius Ogden Mills on his Wiki page. The image showing of the man with the bushy mustache is actually his brother, Edgar Mills who looked nothing like Darius. There are multitude of sources that can validate this issue. I long ago (about 8 months ago) began attempting to remedy the issue w/ the Bancroft library (who admits the incorrect annotation of their image caused this problem) however there remain bureaucratic issues within their institution which make the correction a long and arduous process. It would be preferential if the Wiki page just pointed to a different source. I actually own an original (and thoroughly representative) image of him that could be used in addition to several other web examples. I just need some help with effecting the change here so those referencing him or doing genealogical work aren't misled by the false image.

Please advise on how to move forward with this correction.


Michael Mercvapor (talk) 02:24, 14 March 2013 (UTC)