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Open University describes Office or Seat of each faculty Dean as a deanery. The deanery acts a central administration body of the faculty. Deanery consists of a dean and several sub-deans, this is assisted by clerical staff.

Proposed merge.[edit]

I propose merging Deanery and Dean (religion), as they are both aspects of the same institution - "Dean" is the title of the office held, "Deanery" is the jurisdiction circumscribed by the office. bd2412 T 20:50, 20 December 2008 (UTC)

I respectfully disagree:  the resulting article would be too complicated!  In the Church of England, the dean of a cathedral is in charge of the cathedral and its estates, and his deanery is not his jurisdiction but his house;  whereas a rural dean (or area dean) is a junior manager of a group of parishes, and his deanery is not a house but an administrative subdivision of a diocese.  Then the Methodist church has deans but not deaneries.  I think it would be difficult to convey these complexities in one article.  Having said that, the two articles do need smartening up:  when I have time, if someone else hasn't got there first, I'll have a go at them.  stanning 15:58, 8 November 2009 (UTC)