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An addition and a re-edit[edit]

Two things I'm wondering if it'd be good to add.

  1. In the first citation, Richards's original surname (Lussier) is mentioned, but it's also in the context of Arch Hall Jr. meeting him when he (Richards) was one of the guitarists in Eegah!. Considering the infamous nature of this film, is it noteworthy to include this fact in this article?
  2. Earlier, for verification of Richards' original name, I linked to a discussion board thread where he contributed and mentioned why he took a screen name. I now see that it's been replaced with a more reliable source to verify the name change, which is good. Would this original link still be useful to point out the reason for the screen name, and not just the fact that it happened? Or is the source itself not as germane by Wikipedia standards?--Benfergy (talk) 02:48, 5 January 2011 (UTC)