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Longest Undammed River[edit]

This article claims the Delaware River as the longest undammed river. This claim is also made by the Yellowstone River (I think this is the actual longest), and the Salmon River. Anyone have a reference? Nationalparks 19:26, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

That claim seems to have been added by an unregistered user with only a few edits and it is most certainly false. I was also under the impression that the Yellowstone was the longest undammed river. The Delaware River article does not make such a claim. Based on a little research, the consensus seems to be that the Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi River. As far as a good source for this, there are several websites that make this claim. How reputable they are I don't know. probably has something but that site seems to be down at the moment. --Nebular110 19:46, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

Actually, the US Geological Service has such statistics. For example: This and other USGS sources list the undammed Yellowstone as the longest in the contiguous (lower) 48 states. See also RogerG09 16:50 Oct 18 2006 RogerG09 21:51, 18 October 2006 (UTC)

A Question[edit]

I am looking for the Delaware Water Gap Jazz Festival, which I haven't found in this article. If anyone knows anything about it in Wikipedia I'd like to at least wiki-link it to an article in which the Dave Matthews Band has performed at an event with that name. Please leave a message on my talk page. Thanks! --Leahtwosaints (talk) 22:51, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

It is under its official name Celebration of the Arts Festival Ruhrfisch ><>°° 23:06, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

Established 1965???[edit]

I noticed this page was added to some "established in 1965" categories. While the lands may have been bought up by the Army Corps in 1965, the recreation area was not established until 1978. Wouldn't that be a more appropriate year for said categories? Famartin (talk) 00:27, 3 October 2016 (UTC)