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Ulster Scots[edit]

Angr/comhrá would prefer that users not see this so I'll add it here.

English: Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

Ulster Scotched: Männystrie o Fowkgates, Airts an Aisedom

Männystrie probably represents a Mid Ulster English realisation of ministry, the traditional Scots being meenistry [1], that is of course not a department which in Scots is depairtment [2]. Fowkgates is a neologism, the traditional Scots word being cultur [3] (Cf. pictur [4]). The Scots for leisure is leisur(e) ['li:ʒər], aisedom (easedom [5]) being semantically different. 16:23, 28 September 2006 (UTC)

Should the Ulster Scots names for the following be added?
Arts and creativity
Airts an feckin
Sport and leisure
Spoart an aisedom
Visitor amenities
Aisements fur reengin boadies
Inland waterways and fisheries
Inbye wattèrgates an inbye fäshin-grunns
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
Lann-caird Scance o Norlin Airlann
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Apen Scrow Oaffis o Norlin Airlann
Language diversity
Sindèrie leids
The Northern Ireland Events Company
Tha Norlin Airlann Pratticks Hannlin