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This page should not be speedy deleted because...[edit]

Although looks like the info is incomplete, really is summarized because i gave to the work of investigate about the article that i was ready to create: however, many of the info that i found was very large (ie, the content consisted in all discography, the years of release and even had included several things that no had part in the searched article), senseless (e.g, "is a very good example of brutality", "is a very brutal thing", etc.) or very short (e.g, "is originary of Sweden", "has released * discs", etc.). And articles of this type is very hard of find, so i did an investigation of all the pages that i've found: after i've compared the results, i did a meticulous work which consisted in do several erasers, select the better verison of them and finally put them in the paper (ie, in the notepad) for finally transfer them to Wikipedia. In case of you don't know this, friends, i did this versions of the article because i won't give yours an article very large which in their major part is composed of senseless "explications" and practically all teh biography of the article, but also i won't add an article very short, with many lacks of info and with very few technical data