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First metal monoplane dogfight[edit]

"These engaged Japanese fighters in many major air battles beginning on14 August 1937, when Imperial Japanese Navy warplanes raided Chienchiao airbase; "814" has thus become known as "Air Force Day". Chinese Boeing P-26/281 fighters engaged Japanese Mitsubishi A5M fighters in the world's first dogfight between all-metal monoplane fighters" I was under the impression that the first dogfight between all metal monoplanes took place in Spain in June 1937, when multiple Republican I-16 pilots claimed the first Bf 109s to be downed. (Cf. Frank Glasgow Tinker,

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The individual that aquired the P40's for China from the Uited States was Cecil Folmar. He was in China at that time & went to Hawaii on behalf of the Natinalist Chinese. Claire Chennault directed him to make the purchase these aircraft. I was told this by Cecil Folmar, Jr., MD, his son, who is my otologist.

My name is Vern P. Martin. I currently live at 16985 Kawai Court Fountain Valley, CA 92708. I was a member of the 14th Army Air Force. I was a radar mechanic with the 373 & 374 Heavy Bomb Squadrons of the 308th Heavy Bomb Group. My tour of duty was from July 1943 to July 1945.

It was my understanding that the the P40's & P51's were painted to resemble the tiger shark which was feared by the Japanese. How it was transferred to the Bengal Tiger, I don't know.

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Shouldn't the title of this article be Development of the Chinese Nationalist air force (1937-1945)? I feel a the is called for. Manxruler 10:46, 23 September 2007 (UTC)

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thumb|300px|left|The Flying Tigers Young American pilots fighting the Japaneses in China

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The Flag of the Republic of China

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"Blue Sky with a White Sun", the party emblem of the Kuomintang

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