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Regarding the edits made by anonymous editor on Nov 18, 2008[edit]

I posted the following explanation to's discussion page:

Hello there,

Welcome to Wikipedia!

I noticed you made some changes to the article for the musician Deweare. While I appreciate the corrections you made, please keep in mind that as per Wikipedia's policies and guidelines, information cited in Wikipedia should use use reliable, third-party, published sources to back-up such information—please see Wikipedia:Reliable sources for more info.

Having said that, I did misspell Deweare's name in one of the paragraphs and had mentioned the wrong Ariane Moffatt album title—I've left those edits in tact; thanks!). As for your changes re: him leaving France in 2000, I am unable to find this fact in any of the articles from which I did my research stating this exact date. I do however realise that the article I cited with regards to 2004 simply stated that this was the date he left for Montreal, so I've amended the article to more accurately reflect this fact. I have however reverted your edit stating that he was simply flying to Montreal when he met Ariane Moffatt, for the Montreal Mirror article I've cited the question is asked: "Why move to Canada?" and in the following paragraph the author states : "In fact, the momentum that has led to his debut CD...began even before he set foot here," then goes on to recount how he met Moffatt on a plane. Granted, by "here" the author might have meant Montreal, but given the previous paragraph refers to Canada, this is the reason why I have left the statement as is. Certainly if you find other "reliable sources" to back-up the fact that it was only his first time to Montreal and not Canada, feel free to add this reference to the references section. If you require assistance, just post a request on my discussion page and I will be more than happy to help.

Cheers --Marchije (talk) 04:54, 19 November 2008 (UTC)