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Started article: Diamond Wire Cutting (DWC)is the process of using wire of verious diameters and lengths, impregnated with diamond dust of verious sizes to cut through materials. Because of the hardness of diamonds, this cutting technique can cut through most any material that is "softer" than the diamond abrasive. DWC is also practical and less expensive than other cutting techniques, for example, thin diamond wire only costs around 20 cents per foot to manufacture compared to solid diamond blade cutters. Thus a 1000 foot spool of diamond wire costs around 200 dollars to manufacture. Selling cost may vary because of grade and demand.

The cost estimates come from a production engineer at a company that manufactures diamond wire. how do you verify this information without using his name? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Cuttech (talkcontribs) 2006-05-31

You can't really. You have to rely on company's published information. -Amatulic 18:08, 9 November 2007 (UTC)


The Wire Saw page is now more comprehensive than the DWC page. The problem with combining pages is that not all wire saws use diamond abrasive. The best way to combine the pages may be to use the DWC information in a "background" section in the Wire Saw page.

WWriter 01:15, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

I see the merge tags on both articles recommend merging wire saw into diamond wire cutting. The merge should be in the other direction, as wire saw is the more general subject and diamond wire cutting is more specific. I will correct the merge tags. -Amatulic 18:10, 9 November 2007 (UTC)