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Old infobox for reference[edit]



Name Dinitrogen trioxide
Chemical formula N2O3
Appearance Blue liquid
CAS number 10544-73-7


Formula weight 76.01 amu
Melting point 171 K (-102 °C)
Boiling point 276 K (3 °C)
Density 1.4 ×103 kg/m3 (liquid)
Odor Slightly irritating


ΔfH0gas 91.200 kJ/mol
S0gas, 1 bar 314.626 J/mol·K


Ingestion Hazardous due to decomposition to toxic gases
Inhalation Hazardous due to decomposition to toxic gases
Skin May burn and stain skin yellow due to decomposition to NO2
Eyes Will cause severe burns
More info Hazardous Chemical Database

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