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Could you please revise the TMC and RTS links. They go to disambiguation pages which don't bring much. Thanks ? 08:58, 18 April 2006 (UTC)

Tractor-trailer buses[edit]

What is the story or who makes those buses that look like tractor-trailers, cattle cars, or fifth wheels? Used those once at Disney and am curious as to their story. --Mrskippy 05:53, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

What Disney Transport is[edit]

The term "Disney Transport" is a department within the Walt Disney World Co. The present page does not disambiguate what is Disney Transport and what is run by another sub-entity within the WDW Resort. Generically it should be "Transportation within the Walt Disney World Resort"

The largest area of concern about this article is the watercraft. Only the crewed "boats" in The Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake are part of Disney Transport. The crafts which service Downtown Disney, such as the Sassagoula Steamer, are operated by those respective resorts (the Steamer being operated by Port Orleans). The Friendship boats which service Epcot, the Epcot resorts on Crescent Lake, and Disney-MGM Studios are operated and maintained by Epcot. Disney Transport is not tied into to any park, instead it is part of Resorts and Transportation Operations. While Friendship boats, water taxis, and the Sassagoula Steamer are part of their specific park or resort (as for the latter, being under a specific sub-entity of R&TO rather than an entire division of R&TO).

Unfortunately, a page does not exist for WDW Watercraft (Disney Transport). This is something that I hope soon to rectify. Their official crafts are: Ferryboats, Cruisers, and Launch craft.

In addition, the parking trams are operated by Parking Operations, entirely separate from Disney Transport. Krozar 11:30, 12 October 2007 (UTC)