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Problems with districts in Region of Republican Subordination[edit]

It seems to me that the district names used on this page correspond to old administrative divisions. I will try to update the names using the latest administrative division as of January 1, 2004. Thus: 1) "Gharm district" becomes "Rasht district", as Gharm is the old Soviet-time name for the town of Rasht. 2) "Regar district" has not existed in official nomenclature for a long time: this is Tursunzoda (or Tursunzade) district, and the district "capital" Regar on the page for "Regar district" is indeed automatically redirected to Tursunzoda. 3) The capital of "Darband district" is indeed Darband, but to the best of my knowledge the district is now called Nurobod (or Nurabad) district. 4) "Kofarnihon disrict" does not exist any more in official nomenclature: it is now called Vakhdat district and its capital is Vakhdat (formerly Ordzhonikidzeabad), not Kofarnihon. Incidentally, Vakhdat/Ordzhonikidzeabad and Kofarnihon are two distinct towns, separated by 10-15 km -- and not the same town with different names as implied by the existing article Kofarnihon/Vahdat.

I am going to change the list of districts in "Region of Republican Subordination" along these lines, using official information from Tajik maps and yearbooks as of 2004 and later. I am also going to edit the stubs for the 13 RRP districts for consistency. I am pretty sure that what I doing is correct. However, maybe one of the editors, administrators, or contributors would like to intervene and talk to me. I will be monitoring this talk page for a few days.

Thank you. Zlerman (talk) 12:54, 18 April 2008 (UTC)

Districts of Republican Subordination[edit]

The nahiya in its Tajik variant nohija are translated as districts of Tajikistan. Then it is more useful to the reader to translate the nahiyas/rayouns as in "Nohijahoi tobei çumhurī" as "districts" too. That also reveals what that area is, it is only districts under direct control. It has no own status then. See also alternate translation for RegionS of Republican Subordination: Singular "region" was plain wrong. TurkChan (talk) 07:29, 5 November 2010 (UTC)