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Here is the location for the requested citation concerning General Anatoly Kornukov and his role as commander of Sokol Airbase in the shootdown of KAL 007.  International Civil Aviation Organization, Report of the Completion of the Fact Finding Investigation Regarding the Shootdown of Korean Airline Boeing 747, Information Paper No. 1., CVR transcript, Page 10.

"Kornukov: (6:21) Gerasimenko!

Lt. Col. Gerasimenko: Gerasimenko here.

Kornukov: Gerasimenko, cut the horseplay at the command post, what is that noise there? I repeat the combat task: fire missiles, fire on target 60-65 destroy target 60-65.

Gerasimenko: Wilco.

Kornukov: Comply and get Tarasov here. Take control of the MiG 23 from Smyrnykh, call sign 163, call sign 163, he is behind the target at the moment. Destroy the target!

Gerasimenko: Task received. Destroy target 60-65 with missile fire, accept control of fighter from Smyrnykh.

Kornukov: Carry out the task, destroy [it]!

Gerasimenko: …Comrade General… Gone to attack position.

Kornukov: (6:24) Oh, [obscenities], how long [does it take him] to go to attack position, he is already getting out into neutral waters. Engage afterburner immediately. Bring in the MiG 23 as well... While you are wasting time, it will fly right out."

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