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Individual Dore and Totley pages[edit]

A couple of anonymous editors have been recreating the Dore and Totley stubs. Before doing this please discuss your actions here. It is my opinion that you should not recreate these stubs unless you are able to expand them into more complete articles (this means adding information, not just copying the information from this page!). JeremyA 20:31, 15 May 2005 (UTC)

  • Hi! I live in Dore, and whilst Dore and Totley is the council ward, and as such I'm sure does warrant it's own entry, Dore and Totley themselves are very separate entities, each of significance, particularly Dore with it's very important history, and deserve their own pages. Give me some time and I'll try and expand on the Dore history! The Totley entry meanwhile is of a similar length to the Sharrow entry which I see does have it's own page. Also I've made other changes to the Dore and Totley which include spelling corrections and sorting out some of the linking. I don't mind what happens there (although my suggestion would be an abbreviated account of Dore and Totley), I just think Dore in particular requires it's own page, with a link to the Dore and Totley council ward page by all means. And by the way, I've worked out how to justify my changes now, so I'll try and remember to do that :D
    • My argument is not so much about whether individual districts do or do not deserve their own articles. When I came to the wikipedia Sheffield-related pages I was very suprised to find that there weren't longer articles on districts like Dore so I set about trying to remedy the situation. At that time the Sheffield article contained a list of links to over 100 district articles—most of which were either extremely short (one or two paragraphs at best) or had no article at all. As I started to edit and expand articles it became apparent that many of the districts of Sheffield are hard to define—for instance, I lived for many years in Millhouses but I could not tell you just exactly where the boundary between Millhouses and Ecclesall is. This meant that many of the articles would repeat the information in articles written about neighbouring districts. Grouping the districts into the 28 council wards seemed like a good solution as these are easy to define and therefore prevent overlap between articles. It is also much easier write a longer article when that article covers a cluster of districts rather than just one. The format that I decided to follow was to give a general overview of the ward and then have sections for each of the districts included within that ward. My hope was that people would expand the sections covering the districts that they know something about. I realised that eventually some of the district sections may get too large, and it seemed reasonable that at that point they should be split off into their own article. The first ward page that I made was for Ecclesall, it was my intention that this page would serve as a model for the other ward pages. If you visit the Ecclesall page you will see that I have done what I describe for Millhouses, which has been split off into its own article. Please feel free to do the same for Dore and Totley but, rather than recreate the stub articles, do it by making your additions to the Dore and Totley page until there is enough information to split off to a seperate article. You note correctly that an exception was made for Sharrow—in making the ward articles there were a number of difficult decisions to make and Sharrow was one of them. It is not much more than a stub and probably should have been merged into the Central ward article, but it was argued that this ward is a special case because it includes the city centre and so I left it alone. JeremyA 05:20, 16 May 2005 (UTC)
      • I do see your point and I think in general what you've done makes a lot of sense. And I guess there is an argument for not having a separate Totley page (although it is a very distinct area which is why they can't just call it Dore ward). I just think, in the case of Dore, because of it's national historic significance (it's linked to from a number of pages on Anglo-Saxon history), it should have it's own page. And hopefully this'll be something people can add to, although of course the actual historic reference to Dore, in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, whilst very important, is literally only a couple of lines.
      • OK I am persuaded by your arguement that Dore has an important place in the history of Sheffield. Therefore I have started to work on your compromise. I have added to the historical element of the Dore article and added it to the History of Sheffield category. I have, however, moved the content of Totley back here until the point comes where it has been expanded enough to need its own article. JeremyA 22:50, 22 May 2005 (UTC)
      • I have reopened the Totley article, this is to expand it considerably and include much of its unique history as oppposed to the history of the now community of Dore and Totley. Indeed both once villages have had a different history and purpose and I would like to expose them. Captain Scarlet 17:54, 17 December 2005 (GMT)