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The article would seem to have been started by a member of the legal profession who thinks 'widespread popular suspicions' can simply be refuted by repeating an 'official line'. Sorry it's difficult to give a referene for a 'widespread popular suspicion' but it wasn't me who introduced the concept here. If the first author returns to this page maybe they could demonstrate who the widespread pouplar suspicions are not true, in practice as well as theory. In medicine you expect to get better treatment if you go private, why should it be any different in law. If the author wishes to suggest that no duty solicitors ever accept favours from the police would they please point not only to the sanctions against a solicitor being caught but the systems in place which would make it likely that any such solicitor was caught. Pyotr Velikiy (talk) 11:01, 6 September 2010 (UTC) Pyotr Velikiy