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More Links:

Here is a link to an Eagle Claw master currently Living and teaching in Denver Colorado. He learned Eagle Claw in Guang Zhao China. The School in Guang Zhao is still active and doing well.

This is a link to a Bai Shaolin Eagle Claw school in south Texas. There is plenty of more information on the system and information on the lineage of Sifu Kimak there. He is a student of 31st generation shaolin monk Shi De Shan.


Is there any reason why the names of non-Canontese persons (such as Yue Fei) should be refered to with Cantonese romanization? Uly 20:16, 19 October 2006 (UTC)

Sifu Luo Li family tree[edit]

It would be very important to reconstruct the complete ying shou family tree, so if any has information as regards to the linage of Sifu Luo Li, i think we all be much grateful to that. Xiexie.


I am working on cleaning up ISBNs tagged throughout WP as invalid. In this article, I see the following:

象形拳 (Chinese only). See also Zhongguo Gongfu Baiyangtong Wong Ting Bianzhu Changzhen Chuban She [ISBN -7-80015-299-5 {{Please check ISBN|-7-80015-299-5}}].

I have identified the correct ISBN (drop the leading dash -). WorldCat also seems to indicate a slightly different title and author. So, while I'm at it, I'm going to update these items as well. If I am in error, please kindly advise. Keesiewonder 01:28, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Li Quan Sheng[edit]

I have not seen any references to this master, who was suposed to live by the same time that Yue Fei was developping the system, maybe a not so narrow time window to affirm that they lived in the same century, but close to. Does any one know about him? Jan She Ji

Isn't this just Li Quan Seng mispelled? (See article...)

Edededed 08:07, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Chinese characters[edit]

Would be nice to have more Chinese characters for peoples' names here (i.e. Ng Wai Nung and family, etc.).

Edededed 08:06, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Clean up[edit]

WP:WikiProject Martial arts has begun a clean up campaign to raise any inadequate articles to current Wikipedia standards. I have not volunteered to help out, but if I see something is wrong with an article that falls under the project's influence, I'll fix it. This article is below even the most basic standards because of it's overall lack of citations and formatting. The biggest problem I see is that it fails to make a clear distinction between history, legend, and just plain fiction. I have, therefore, introduced some historical information that balances out the page.

Additional sources are sorely needed throughout the rest of the page. Huge claims such as ...

Past researchers have come to the conclusion that Liquan is not the name of an individual but a religious order with Shaolin Sect. The location of their temple is believe to be the one in Hebei Province where both Facheng and Daoji were in residence. Recent research has discovered a connection between the "Yue Shi San shou/aka: Ying Quan with an existing style called "ying Men Quan 硬门拳(Hard Gate Fist) which has a direct connection with the famous Yue Fei through his family.

... need to be cited with reliable sources. If the info was found in some sort of scholarly publication like JAMA, please feel free to add the volume, issue, and page that it appears in. However, if the information was derived by amateur research, it needs to be removed as Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought. Please see WP:Original research. If reliable sources are not provided in the next couple of days, I will delete the information. --Ghostexorcist (talk) 18:13, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

I have rewritten the lead to reflect the information within the body of the article. I did this because the statement about it possibly being "one of the oldest" northern Shaolin styles has been tagged for three years and no one has tried to source it at all. Despite all of the stories attributing the style to Yue Fei, there is not one shred of historical evidence that conclusively dates Eagle Claw to the Song. In addition, I have created an info box complete with a picture of Chan Tzi Ching performing a typical technique. --Ghostexorcist (talk) 19:04, 27 February 2010 (UTC)