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Eagle pictures from released under GFDL[edit]

Sat, 2 Sep 2006 10:08:12 -0700
From: "Erik Klein" (
To: "Leo Orionis" (
Subject: Re: Eagle pictures for Wikipedia article

Hello Leo,

That's fine with me. Feel free to use my pictures. Erik

On 9/2/06, Leo Orionis <> wrote:
Dear Erik, John, and Tix:

Well, I've more or less finished the "Eagle Computer" article on Wikipedia, except for the pictures. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Speaking of pictures, I need to make sure you know that Wikipedia is published under the GPL, the GNU Public License. This license states that anyone can use something under it for any purpose, including commercial ones, as long as they don't pass it off as their own, and provided they release their stuff under the same license.

What this means is that your pictures will be fully accredited to you, and no one will claim that they took them or that they own them. But they can use your pictures in their own projects, too, as long as they release their projects under the same license. You may find your stuff appearing all over the place, still with your name on it, of course.

If this is OK with you, please reply and let me know, so that I can add your pictures to the article. Thanks again -- Leo

P.S. I've attached 2 photos of me and my old AVL Eagle III, taken by a buddy in 1982, for your amusement. The gorgeous lady in the second one is my ex-wife (not ex- then). -- LDO

Erik Klein <> wrote:
Hello Leo,

Please feel free to upload my pictures. All I ask is that you put my site in as a reference for whatever article you post or update.

I look forward to reading what you have to say! :)

Thank you and best regards, Erik

On 8/31/06, Leo Orionis < > wrote:
Dear sir:

I just found your site while looking for pictures of Eagle computers. Nice job! I wish the internet had been as advanced and as cheap as it is today back when I still had my huge collections of CP/M computers ...

Anyway, I can at least put what I know in Wikipedia. Right now I'm working on articles on Eagle, Spellbinder, etc. My first computer was an Eagle III, my second an Eagle IV, and I was an officer of the Eagle Computer Users Group for a lot of years, so I should be able to contribute something.

What I don't have is pictures. My collection's gone, and the stuff I kept, including all my Eagle stuff, is in storage up in Oregon. Since I'm in San Diego, that's quite a stretch.

Would it be possible to upload your Eagle pictures to Wikipedia, and if so, under what terms? It sure would help the article. Thanks for any help you can give! -- Leo Orionis

Eagle pictures from released under GFDL[edit]

In reply to the same message, Tiziano Garuti wrote:

From: "Tix" (
To: "Leo Orionis" (
Subject: Re: Eagle pictures for Wikipedia article
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 21:25:42 +0200

It's ok for me.

Thanks Tiziano

Things still needed for this article[edit]

1. Picture(s) of File 10 or File 40.

2. More information about 1600 series, how they were incompatible with and/or better than an IBM PC, different models, etc.

3. Pictures of 1600 series.

4. More information about Eagle PCs, including portables.

5. Pictures of Eagle PCs, Spirits, and Turbos.

Taawi Suomainen 09:06, 5 September 2006 (UTC)