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Q. Why doesn't the article say anything about the apparent uniqueness of life on this planet?
A. At one time the lead said, "Home to millions of species, including humans, Earth is the only place in the Universe where life is known to exist." There were similar assertions in the article body. However, the wording proved too contentious and a stable compromise couldn't be achieved. Instead, it was decided to remove all mention of this point and leave the discussion of life elsewhere to the extraterrestrial life article.[1]
Q. Why doesn't this article give equal weight to young Earth creationism or similar cultural points of view?
A. This article focuses on the scientific consensus about the Earth. Per WP:PSCI, fringe theories about the Earth need not be given equal weight. Such views normally have their own well-developed articles where there is more weight given to presenting the specific philosophies.
Q. Why is the Blue Marble image used in the infobox?
A. There are multiple reasons. The image is iconic, famous and is one of the few true photographic images of Earth. It has also been a featured image since November 2004. Other images may present more detail of the land masses, but they are generally composite or processed images.