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Book on women's legal situation[edit]

In 1845 Edward published a book, The Legal Rights, Liabilities and Duties of Women. The book has been republished (2005, 2006). But I do not suggest adding it to his list of published books in the article. It has information on the laws in general, and those affecting women, as of the time the book was written, describing different laws in different states, especially Ohio where he lived and worked. The book seems very dated in some ways, for example on p. 271, "the husband has and must have, as the head of the family, the right to constrain the liberty of his wife, so far as this is necessary to preserve the peace, unity and safety of the family". He advocates for full education for women (in the Dedication to his mother) but as of 1845, it seems that only the state of Michigan had universal free public education for both genders; private schools were free to admit boys only (or girls only). He notes on p. 128 that women cannot legally vote, but deflects that issue by pointing out that at the time, only about 40% of white men could vote (because of a restriction to property owners, I think, although I am not sure). Marlindale (talk) 04:36, 26 December 2014 (UTC)