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undated and unsigned comment (pre-January 2013)[edit]

I think some mention should be made of the first electric blues recording. I don't know what recording that is, though.

John Lee Hooker's 1948 hit "Boogie Chillin" (an amazing song music with which fans should be ashamed to lack familiarity) is generally considered to have kicked off the blues' commercial revival among black audiences (which, of course, lead to the birth of rock and roll).


I understand the point made in the article, but it seems more the history of amplified guitar rather than distinct subgenre of the blues.

Don't mistake Muddy Waters, he played the Delta blues and amplified it. Charlie Christian, T Bone Walker, they played electric, but they played the same kind of blues as heard in the jazz bands, imitating the saxophone players.

BB King started out that way. He started playing Memphis streets, his blues was born in a more urban environment. He had the uptown style and you can hear that on records in 1949. Somewhere between then and '51, a change happens. BB says he was listen to his cousin Bukka White playing slide. BB said he just couldn't get that, so he started the big bends and white vibrato to do the same thing. Albert King, Buddy Guy, everyone heard BB's records and that style of the guitar slinger/vocalist was born. If someone has only heard of one name in the blues, that name is BB King. BB wrote almost nothing and he is no Nat King Cole as a vocalist. That guitar style made him famous. Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton. All those guys. From BB on, we are the Electric Blues. If you get enough BB King albums, you will hear him play soul, R&B, disco, rock. He was never a "purist". That is not what the Electric Blues is all about. The Electric Blues is more than amplifying the music. It is for one about harnessing the power of that electricity to enhance your blues. Most of all, it is about electrifying audiences. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2602:306:C444:1C50:81A6:1BD0:A754:99C6 (talk) 03:10, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

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