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From the MPEG-2 standard[edit]

stream_type -- stream_type is a 8 bit field specifying the type of the elementary stream according to the following table.

Value Description
0x00 ISO/IEC Reserved
0x01 ISO/IEC 11172 Video
0x02 ISO/IEC 13818-2 Video or ISO/IEC 11172-2 constrained parameter video stream
0x03 ISO/IEC 11172 Audio
0x04 ISO/IEC 13818-3 Audio
0x05 ISO/IEC 13818-1 private_sections
0x06 ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets containing private data
0x07 ISO/IEC 13522 MHEG
0x08 ISO/IEC 13818-1 Annex A DSM CC
0x09 ITU-T Rec. H.222.1
0x0A ISO/IEC 13818-6 type A
0x0B ISO/IEC 13818-6 type B
0x0C ISO/IEC 13818-6 type C
0x0D ISO/IEC 13818-6 type D
0x0E ISO/IEC 13818-1 auxiliary
0x0F-0x7F ISO/IEC 13818-1 Reserved
0x80-0xFF User Private

Private data, which is where you find captions (an example of a private data elementary stream) is an elementary stream. The standard itself says it - I don't know why you are talking about PES. The enclosed data isn't particularly relevant, and only confuses the explanation of the concept of elementary stream. Would you list the MP3 file format on Computer file? No - and for the same reason, I am removing the audio stream format. Nphase 21:22, 23 December 2006 (UTC)

This article is about elementary streams (ES), not Packetized Elementary Stream, which is where you find stream type or stream id. Listing examples helps people understand what is ES. I would list mp3 file for computer file if there were no other examples available. The difference between your analogy and this article is that ES has relatively few types with similar header structure. I doubt people after reading the current article understand what ES is. Giving some examples is helpful, and deleting examples is not helpful. Daniel.Cardenas 15:28, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Official definition[edit]

2.1.20 elementary stream; ES [system]: A generic term for one of the coded video, coded audio or other coded bit streams in PES packets. One elementary stream is carried in a sequence of PES packets with one and only one stream_id.

(ISO-138181) Nphase 21:33, 23 December 2006 (UTC)