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Article naming[edit]

Many sources refer to this site as "Enderby's Wharf", and it is so named on OS maps, for example the 1894 and 1913 versions of the 'Godfrey Edition' reproductions of the 1:2500 sheet (Godfrey London Sheet 92, Greenwich & Isle of Dogs). Recent planning documents refer to it (i.e. the 3 acres of unused riverside that are to be redeveloped) as to 'Enderby Wharf' minus the possessive. Mary Mills in 'Greenwich Marsh - The 300 years before the Dome' refers to it as 'Enderby Wharf'. However her first historic map (P9) which I guess dates to the 1890s shows it as 'Enderbys Wharf'. I have gone with 'Enderby's Wharf'. Pterre (talk) 10:06, 14 April 2011 (UTC)